College Football Week 11

Official Podcast Picks

2016-2017:  36-36

2015-2016:  33-28

Thank You to All Who Served

This Week’s Selections

Ohio State -29.5

Oklahoma -17.5

Texas -2

Navy -2

***Arkansas no longer an official, downgraded to lean since podcast recording***

Other Games (38-35)

Top 25 Matchups
Washington 8.5 USC Lean USC
LSU 7 Arkansas Lean Arkansas
Other Top 25 Games
Florida St 21 at Boston College No Lean
Alabama 29 Miss St No Lean
PSU 7 at Indiana Lean PSU
Wisconsin 26.5 Illinois No Lean
Auburn 10 at Georgia No Lean
Ok St 12.5 Texas Tech No Lean
Clemson 20.5 Pitt No Lean
VA Tech 14 Gtech Lean VT
Ville 35 Wake No Lean
Boise St 17 at Hawaii No Lean
Texas A&M 10.5 Ole Miss No Lean
Nebraska 7 Minnesota Lean Minnesota
Colorado 16 at Arizona Lean Colorado
Wash St 14.5 Cal No Lean



Listen to the breakdowns and game by game preview here:


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