Week 9 Recap

Your recap from the Podcast last week with @jad1283 and @esquaredgolf.  Also a new feature where we sounded like we knew what we were talking about and where we sounded like we belong in chess club.

Official Plays

5-3 This Week

26-29 On Year

LSU -6 Win/   TCU +6.5 Loss/  Texas A&M +18.5 LossNorthwestern -1.5 Win/   Jaguars -1 Loss Chargers +6.5  WinEagles +2.5 Win/  Tease Steelers +13, Bengals -3.5 Win


College Football Leans:

4-3 This Week

32-32 on Year

Virginia Tech -6 WinLouisville -20 WinVirginia +9 Loss/  Nebraska -24 LossNavy +3 Win/  Colorado +3 WinHouston -21.5 Loss.


NFL Football Leans

5-2 This Week

23-19 On Year

Bears +7.5 LossGiants -3 Win/  Lions -1 Win/  Bengals -9.5 WinTitans -2 LossBucs -2.5 Win/  Broncos -7.5 Win


Where We Were Right/Wrong

Image result for moneyball peter brand gif


Right: Miami/ Virginia Tech over the 50

Right/Wrong: Arkansas- Bret Bielema in a bounce back spot.  Not both of us thought this.  One of us gave Auburn as a lean

Right/Wrong: Wisconsin/Iowa- another matchup that pitted us both against each other.  Credit to @esquaredgolf for pointing out Iowa’s offensive deficiencies and stating they wouldn’t score 17 points.  They didn’t even get to 10.

Wrong: @jad1283 continuing to go against Wisconsin

Right: Never take UCLA as a favorite. Never under any circumstances!! UCLA -6.5 for some unknown reason loses 52-45


Right: The New York Football Giants will create turnovers.  The Giants created 4.

Wrong: @jad1283 calling for Over in the London games are the play.  27 points scored

Right: @esquaredgolf called it correctly that a special teams play would turn the Eagles game.  Josh Huff takes a kick to the house

Right: Eagles outright.  21-10 winners.

Wrong: High scoring affair between the Lions and Bravehearts.

Right: Both of us called for AJ Green to breakout. 8 receptions for 169 and a TD

Wrong: @esquaredgolf stating Chris Ivory breakout game.  Finished with 50 yards

Right: Colin Kaepernick should take a knee in his family room.  He is a horrific quarterback

Wrong: 89% of the people will not win betting on the Pats -7.  Pats covered

Wrong: @jad1283 called for Bruce Arians to have his best play calling game of the year.  6 offensive points

Right: @jad1283 stating Pete Carroll always finds a way in big games.  A tie is as good as a win for Seattle Sunday night.

Right: You cant leave the game in kickers hands.  Arizona had ball inside 5 and elected to kick a 24 yard fg in OT- DOINK!

Right: Both of us stating Brock Osweiler is stealing money.  Take a look at those stats from last night.

Right: No doubt in our minds that Bill O’Brien has to be hoping Osweiler gets hurt.


Coming This Week:

Image result for lebron james the block

-Our NBA Over/Under Win Totals

-Our NBA Finals Prediction

-Our NBA MVP Prediction

-Podcast Later This Week



Missed the podcast. Listen here:








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